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Welcome to Hogwarts, young wizards and witches. Here you will be sorted into your houses, meet new people, take part in academic courses, events, and other such activities! Please note that this rp takes 30 years after the Harry Potter series! That's about 2020's. We welcome you all to the new year!

:star: House Points :star:

:bulletred::bulletyellow: Gryffindor House :bulletyellow::bulletred:
- 300 -

:bulletgreen::bulletwhite: Slytherin House :bulletwhite::bulletgreen:
- 300 -

:bulletblue::bulletorange: Ravenclaw House :bulletorange::bulletblue:

:bulletyellow::bulletblack: Hufflepuff House :bulletblack::bulletyellow:


Chat is open:…
Rules: kingdom-of-hogwarts.deviantart…

It's wonderful to see all you students enjoying the second term of the year. But with the weather warming, it's safe to say the season you have all been waiting for can now begin it's try outs! Quidditch is now in full swing, and we're proud to say that this years season will be incredibly heated. The ancient rivalries between houses are brought to the pit. Show us your stuff, houses!

That's right, Quidditch season is now starting with the weather warming. Some people have been practicing all of the cold season, so I'm sure they'll be ready for the matches soon to come. Though some of the places in Slytherin and Gryffindor have been filled, there's still always a chance to challenge another for their position or try out for the team all together! As usual, the Slytherin captain is Shuyin and Gryffindor's captain is Tidus- the two have a continuous rivalry that's sure to spread to their teams! So we're in for quite the treat!

Unfortunately, there are not enough RP players in the Hufflepuff house or Ravenclaw to actually play against them... right? If anyone in either house would still like a chance to rp on the team, please notify me and we can work something out. This doesn't mean those houses aren't going to be put into matches against the rp characters!

The quidditch games will be controlled by a selected roleplayer; the balls will be in their full control not influenced by either team in the match to keep it a fair game! This will be a trusted roleplayer who will not godmod the game and balls. We want this to be as fun an experience as possible! By February 17th, the teams will be picked and announced, and yes, you can challenge another person for their position!

In the case of a challenge, each player will have to demonstrate their ability and skill in the position in question. Keep it fair everyone! Should the challenger prove a better player in that position, it is up to the referee (selected roleplayer controlling the balls for the duration of the challenge) and/or the team captain! Yes, there will be NPC's, but if a character desires the psotion of the NPC, they are automatically given the position.

That's all! Keep it safe, keep it clean, keep it fair! Good luck to every student!
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